Apartamenty Przy Krasińskiego II

Location: Poland, Warsaw
Address: 9 Przasnyska Str.
Type: Apartments
Completion: 2015 - 2017

Apartamenty Przy Krasińskiego II is a 6-storey building located at ul. Przasnyska 9 in the Warsaw district of Żoliborz. The building has a total of 123 highly functional flats of 25m² to 108m² fitted with large windows, spacious balconies and gardens designed to provide comfortable accommodation for future occupiers. The underground section of the building has been designed to accommodate a garage with 154 parking spaces and a number of storerooms for practical use. The building also comprises 8 commercial premises.

The Apartamenty Przy Krasińskiego II housing estate was designed by the renowned architecture firm Kuryłowicz & Associates Sp. z o.o. Kalter Sp. z o.o. was selected as a General Contractor. Construction works are scheduled for completion in Q4 2017.

Apartamenty Przy Krasińskiego

Location: Poland, Warsaw
Address: Żoliborz
Type: Apartments
Completion: 2010 - 2014

Apartamenty przy Krasińskiego is a modern housing estate located in the southern part of Żoliborz at the corner of ul. Przasnyska and ul. Krasińskiego. Its architectural design is minimalist and elegant. Two buildings of different heights – ranging from 6 and 9 storeys –accommodate a total of 303 spacious and highly functional flats of 28m² to 125m² fitted with balconies, terraces, loggias and gardens providing comfortable living space. The underground section of the building is occupied by a 2-storey garage and additional storage rooms. The ground floor has been designed to accommodate commercial premises.

The building was made available for use in June 2013. The Apartamenty Przy Krasińskiego complex was designed by the renowned architecture firm DIP BIURO PROJEKTÓW. UNIBEP was selected as a General Contractor.

ConceptHouse Mokotów

Location: Poland, Warsaw
Address: Obrzeżna Str.
Type: Apartments
Completion: 2011 - 2013
Atlas Estates

The Concept House Mokotów residential unit comprises one building located at the intersection of ul. Obrzeżna and ul. Cybernetyki that constitutes a visually appealing and varied in height (from 6 to 12 storeys) architectural form. 160 flats of between 36m² and 167m² have been offered for sale. The underground floors have been designed to accommodate a garage with 190 parking spaces and a number of storerooms for practical use. The lobby and staircases within the building were designed according to the latest trends.

The building was made available for use in April 2013. The ConceptHouse Mokotów housing estate has been designed by the renowned architecture firm Archiplan Studio Projektowe Ewa Widera. Warbud S.A. was selected as a General Contractor.

Capital Art Apartments

Location: Poland, Warsaw
Address: Giełdowa Str.
Type: Apartments
Completion: 2004-2015 (3 stages)

The Capital Art Apartments complex is located at ul. Giełdowa 4 on the border of two Warsaw districts, Wola and Śródmieście, and is located only 5 minutes from the city centre. The project included three phases of implementation and involved the construction of more than 700 flats: from cosy (30m²) to spacious (160m²). The complex consists of 5 buildings designated as A, B, C, D and E:

  • The first phase was to complete a 8-storey building A with 214 flats made available for use in October 2008.
  • The second phase involved the construction of a a 17-storey building B with 177 flats and a 7-storey building C with 123 flats – made available for use in February 2010.
  • The third phase was to construct 8-storey buildings D and E with 187 flats, both made available for use in January 2015.

Design arrangements for underground garages with parking places and storerooms were made at each phase. The Capital Art Apartments complex was designed by the renowned architecture firm Archiplan Studio Projektowe Ewa Widera. The first and the second phase of the investment were delivered by the General Contractor Eiffage Budownictwo Mitex S.A. whereas the third one was completed by UNIBEP.

Platinum Towers

Location: Poland, Warsaw
Address: 61 Grzybowska Str.
Type: Apartments
Completion: 2008

Platinum Towers are the first turn-key apartment towers in Warsaw, located in the complex with Hilton hotel. Constructed on a grand scale, the project offers the highest standards of workmanship, thoughtful arrangement of services, and an impressive view of the city centre

  • elegant architecture
  • high standard of finishing
  • underground parking lot and storages
  • exclusive gallery with a variety of services on the ground floor

The project is sold out.

Platinum Towers are located in the western area of city centre in Warsaw, by Grzybowska Street, in the immediate vicinity of the Hilton hotel.

This space provides the intimate atmosphere of a residential area in the city centre, while maintaining access to the transport infrastructure and services.

Platinum Towers Gallery

Location: Poland, Warsaw
Type: Commercial premises
One can find here elegant restaurants, shops and services. Try sophisticated Indian food, eat original Italian pizza and taste delicious wine. Go sightseeing with our travel agency, do quick shopping at the supermarket. The complex offers also renown hair studio and sushi restaurant.

Atlas Tower

Location: Poland, Warsaw
Address: Al. Jerozolimskie
Type: Office buildings
Completion: 2002-2005

Millennium Plaza is a 112m high, B+ class commercial and office building, located in the centre of Warsaw at the crossroads of major transport routes.

The building has 28th floors with 32 000 m² of modern commercial area (4 000 m² retail area and 28 000 m² office area).

Our excellent location in the central business district ensures direct access to public infrastructure and transport.

The building offers modern office space, which can be tailored to individual needs of tenants. The building also houses a shopping centre and conference rooms. 95% of the area is already rented, hosting renowned tenants such as DELL, Groupon, Embassy of Mexico or ABG Software – an IT company quoted on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Hotel Hilton

Location: Poland, Warsaw
Address: Grzybowska Str.
Type: Hotels
Completion: 2006-2009
Atlas Estates

This is the first Hilton in Poland opened on 19 March 2007. Located in the central Wola district of Warsaw, the hotel provides modern, spacious accommodation targeting both business travelers and tourists alike.

The Hilton has 314 rooms and suites and has the largest convention centre facility in the Warsaw hotel market.

The hotel is managed by Atlas with Hilton International cooperation under a long term management agreement that provides for base and incentive fees for Hilton linked to the performance of the hotel.

The Hilton management team is headed by individuals with extensive experience in CEE. They were on site for a number of months prior to opening, installing systems, training staff and taking reservations for rooms and functions in 2007